The challenge?Malcolm Butler Jersey? Get the ball from your own 21 into field goal range in 23 seconds with no timeouts.Brandon Browner Jersey. When a fortunate face mask penalty with no time on the clock extended the game,Ryan Shazier Jersey, the Packers were placed in position for one of the greatest plays in the team's storied history.Giovani Bernard Jersey. The Lions rushed only three men,Arizona Cardinals Jerseys, giving the receivers time to make their way down to the end zone 61 yards away.Denver Broncos Jersey. Rodgers dropped back,Cowboys Store, faked left and turned back to his right before loading up to throw the football as high and far as he possibly could.Giants Store. The ball nearly hit the rafters,Packers Store, but fell in front of the pack of receivers and defensive backs,Panthers Store, and into the hands of the one man they left open. Richard Rodgers leaped higher than the pack of others vying for catch and hauled in the ball. The Green Bay Packers won. Three hours of frustration and lack of hope were traded in for one of the greatest moments I have ever witnessed in my life as a football fan. Aaron Rodgers said, “it was the greatest feeling I've had on the field in a long time.” His full post game interview can be found here. The Motown Miracle was undoubtedly the best moment of the Green Bay Packers 2015 season.